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What should I include in my college essays?

Hi guys! I'm starting to think about my college essays, but I'm not sure what topics I should focus on. I want to showcase my personality and experiences, but I also want to stand out from the crowd. Any advice on what to include (or avoid) in my essays would be super helpful. Thanks!

11 months ago

Hey there! I remember going through the college essay process with my own child not too long ago, so I can understand how overwhelming it can feel. When it comes to choosing topics, it's essential to pick something that genuinely reflects who you are and what matters to you. This could be a specific experience, hobby, or even a person who has significantly impacted your life. Generally, you want to avoid cliché topics like trips abroad, community service, or winning a sports game. While those can be great experiences, they're not always unique enough to help you stand out.

When writing your essay, try to focus on showcasing your personal growth, your values, and how you've faced challenges. Be authentic and honest, and don't be afraid to show vulnerability. Remember, admissions officers read thousands of essays, so it's essential to make an impression by being true to yourself and sharing something meaningful.

Lastly, keep in mind that a well-written essay is crucial. Make sure to proofread, revise, and ask for feedback from teachers, friends, or family members. Best of luck with your essays and the entire college admissions process!

11 months ago

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