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How much do college rankings matter?

Hi everyone, I'm a junior and I've been looking at college rankings while researching schools. How much should I rely on these rankings when deciding which colleges to apply to? Thanks in advance!

11 months ago

Hey there! It's great that you're starting your college search early. College rankings can definitely be a useful tool when you're researching colleges, but remember that they shouldn't be the only factor you consider. Rankings mainly provide a general overview of how a college is performing in comparison to others, but they might not necessarily take into account the factors that are most important to you personally. For example, if you're passionate about a specific major or program, you'll want to research how well that program is regarded at each college, rather than just relying on the overall ranking.

Think about what you value most in a college experience, such as campus culture, class size, location, and available resources, and then prioritize those factors in your search. It's essential to find a college that's the right fit for you, not just one with a high ranking.

In my experience, visiting college campuses and talking to current students and faculty helped my child gain a better understanding of what each college could offer. Best of luck with your search, and remember that rankings are just one piece of the puzzle!

11 months ago

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