Is it better to have a high GPA with easier courses or a lower GPA with harder courses?

Hi all, I'm wondering how colleges view GPA in relation to course rigor. Is it better to have a high GPA with easier courses or a lower GPA with more challenging ones? Thanks for your help!

4 months ago

Hello! It's great that you're thinking about how colleges view GPA and course rigor. From my experience with my own child's college application process, I can tell you that a balance between both is important. Colleges are interested in students who challenge themselves by taking rigorous courses, but they also want to see that you're able to maintain a solid academic record. A high GPA with easier courses might not be as impressive as a slightly lower GPA with more challenging classes, as it shows that you're willing to push yourself and take on more difficult coursework. So, my advice would be to take the challenging courses that genuinely interest you and do your best to maintain a good GPA. Colleges appreciate both aspects, and striking the right balance will demonstrate your commitment to learning and your ability to handle the demands of college-level courses. Best of luck!

4 months ago
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