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How does demonstrated interest affect college admissions?

Hi everyone! I've heard that demonstrating interest in a college can help your chances of admission. Can someone explain what demonstrated interest is and how it affects the admissions process? What are some ways I can show interest in my top-choice schools? Thank you!

11 months ago

Hello! Demonstrated interest is when a student shows a genuine interest in a particular college by engaging with the school in various ways. Colleges track this because they want to see that you're truly invested in attending their school and have taken the time to learn more about it. Not all colleges place equal weight on demonstrated interest, but it can be a factor in the admissions process, especially when they're considering students with similar qualifications.

Some ways to show demonstrated interest include:

1. Visiting the campus (if possible) and participating in tours or information sessions.

2. Attending college fairs and talking to representatives from the schools you're interested in.

3. Emailing or calling the admissions office with thoughtful questions about the school and its programs. Make sure to be genuine and not just ask questions you can easily find answers to on their website.

4. Following the school's social media accounts and engaging with their content.

5. Applying for early decision or early action if you're confident that the school is your top choice.

Remember that showing genuine interest and enthusiasm can help you stand out from the crowd. Good luck!

11 months ago

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