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Do colleges prefer weighted or unweighted GPA?

Hello everyone, I'm a junior and I've been wondering if colleges prefer weighted or unweighted GPA when evaluating applicants. I have both on my transcript and I'm not sure which one colleges will focus on. Can anyone provide some insight on this? Thank you!

10 months ago

Hey there! Great question about weighted vs. unweighted GPA. In general, colleges consider both when evaluating applicants, but they may look at them differently.

Weighted GPA takes into account the difficulty of the courses you've taken (honors, AP, or IB classes), while unweighted GPA is solely based on your grades in all courses. So, having a high weighted GPA can show colleges that you've challenged yourself academically.

However, colleges also want to see consistency in your performance, which is where the unweighted GPA comes in. A student with a high unweighted GPA has maintained a strong academic performance across all courses, regardless of their difficulty level.

Ultimately, it's important to remember that GPA is just one factor colleges consider during admissions. They also look at your extracurricular activities, essays, letters of recommendation, and more. So, while it's good to be aware of both your weighted and unweighted GPA, keep focusing on your overall academic and personal achievements.

Best of luck on your college journey!

10 months ago

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