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Should college essays be double spaced?

Hey everyone, quick question: should I double space my college essay or is single spacing fine? I want to make sure I'm following any formatting guidelines that might be expected. Thanks for your help!

10 months ago

Hello! It's great that you're paying attention to details like formatting. Many colleges and universities prefer essays to be double-spaced, but it's essential to check the specific guidelines for each institution you're applying to. If no guidelines are provided, double spacing is a safe bet as it makes the essay easier to read and leaves room for comments when reviewed by admissions officers.

When my child was applying to college, we made sure to double-check the application requirements of each school, and we found that most of them did prefer double-spaced essays. Additionally, make sure to use a standard font (like Times New Roman or Arial) and font size (usually 12) to ensure your essay looks professional and is easy to read.

Good luck with your applications, and remember that the content of your essay is the most crucial part, so focus on showcasing your unique experiences and thoughts!

10 months ago

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