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Will a gap year hurt my college application?

Hey guys! I'm a junior and I'm considering taking a gap year after high school. I was wondering if taking a gap year would hurt my chances of getting into college, or if it's something colleges are generally okay with. Any thoughts? Thanks for your input!

10 months ago

Hello! Taking a gap year should not hurt your college application, as long as you are able to articulate your reasons for doing so and demonstrate how you've used that time productively. Many colleges understand and appreciate the value of a gap year experience. It can help you gain maturity, self-awareness, and perspective, which can make you more prepared for college.

When applying, be sure to include a description of the activities and experiences you engaged in during your gap year and how they contributed to your personal growth. It's important to remember that the success of your application will still largely depend on your academic performance, extracurricular involvement, and other factors that showcase your potential. So, if you decide to take a gap year, make sure to also focus on those aspects of your application.

One thing to also consider is to apply to college as a senior, and then request to defer a year after you've accepted an offer. Many colleges are open to this, and then you won't have to worry about college apps during your gap year. There are even colleges that offer gap year programs: https://blog.collegevine.com/7-colleges-that-offer-gap-year-programs

Best of luck!

10 months ago

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