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Is it okay to include dialogue in a college essay?

I'm writing my college essay and I want to include a conversation I had with someone. Can I use dialogue in my essay or should I avoid it? Will it make my essay seem more engaging or just confusing?

10 months ago

Hello! Including dialogue in your college essay can definitely make it more engaging and help showcase your storytelling abilities. As long as the dialogue is relevant and adds value to your essay, it should be fine to include it.

Just make sure to use proper formatting and punctuation when writing dialogue, so it's easy for the reader to follow. Additionally, be cautious not to overuse dialogue, as it might take away from the main points you're trying to convey. Balance the dialogue with narrative and reflection to fully express your thoughts and emotions.

For example, my child included a short dialogue in their essay to highlight a meaningful interaction they had with a teacher. The conversation helped to illustrate their personal growth and the impact the teacher had on them. So, go ahead and add that conversation to your essay if it truly adds value and helps convey the message you want to share. Good luck with your college applications!

10 months ago

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