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Will colleges be using AI detectors for college essays?

I heard that some colleges might be using AI detectors to check the authenticity of college essays. Is this true? If so, what measures should we take to make sure our essays pass the AI detector?

9 months ago

It's true that some colleges might be using AI detectors and other plagiarism checking tools to verify the authenticity of college essays. While it's not a universal practice yet, it's important to be aware of this and ensure your essays are entirely your own work.

To make sure your essays pass any AI detector, follow these guidelines:

1. Write your essays from scratch, avoiding any form of plagiarism or borrowing ideas from someone else.

2. If you're citing any sources or using any quotes, make sure to give proper credit to the original authors.

3. Be authentic and tell your story in your own voice. AI detectors might flag essays that sound like they've been written by someone else or from a template.

4. Don't rely too much on essay-editing software, as this could affect the way the AI detectors interpret your work.

5. Get multiple people to proofread your essay, including teachers, guidance counselors, and family members.

For more tips on writing strong and authentic college essays, check out CollegeVine's blog post: How to Write the Common App Essays.

9 months ago

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