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Are international students usually offered scholarships?

Hi, I'm an international student applying to US colleges, and I wanted to know if scholarships are often awarded to international students like me? I'm worried about the financial aspect of attending college in the US. Thank you for your input.

9 months ago

Hello! I can understand that paying for a US college education can be a significant concern for international students. Scholarships are definitely available to international students, but the number and types of scholarships can vary between colleges. Some schools have more funding dedicated specifically to international students, while others might be more limited.

I recommend searching for scholarships at each college you're interested in, and don't forget to look for external scholarships as well. External scholarships are offered by organizations not tied to specific colleges and can help you cover some of your costs. In addition, you might want to consider applying to 'need-blind colleges’ that do not take into account the financial status of the applicant during the admissions process. Check out this CollegeVine blog for more information: https://blog.collegevine.com/a-guide-to-need-blind-schools-complete-list/. Best of luck with your college applications and scholarship search!

9 months ago

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