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How do admissions officers view dual enrollment courses?

Hey everyone, I'm a junior and I've been considering taking some dual enrollment courses at my local community college. I'm wondering how admissions officers view these courses compared to AP or IB classes. Do they carry the same weight when it comes to college applications? Thanks for any insight!

9 months ago

Hi there! I can understand why you're curious about how dual enrollment courses are viewed in the college admissions process. My own child faced a similar decision during their junior year, so I'll share our experience. Generally speaking, admissions officers do value dual enrollment courses as they demonstrate a student's ability to handle college-level coursework. However, the weight given to dual enrollment compared to AP or IB classes can vary depending on the college or university.

Some schools may view AP or IB classes as more rigorous and therefore give them slightly more weight. On the other hand, dual enrollment can give you a taste of college coursework and even help you earn college credits, which can be a great advantage. I'd recommend discussing your options with your high school counselor, as they can provide personalized advice based on your academic profile and the colleges you're interested in. Ultimately, any of these options can be a great way to challenge yourself academically and show colleges that you're a motivated student. Best of luck with your decision!

9 months ago

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