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What are some common college essay mistakes to avoid?

I want to make sure my college essay is as strong as possible. What are some common mistakes that students make in their essays that I should watch out for?

9 months ago

It's great that you're thinking ahead and trying to avoid common mistakes in your college essay. Here are some pitfalls you should keep in mind:

1. Being too generic: Make sure your essay is unique and reflects your personality, experiences, and perspective. An essay that could be written by anyone else won't help you stand out.

2. Focusing on accomplishments: Your essay should not be a list of your achievements. The admissions officers already know that from your application. Instead, focus on a meaningful story or experience that showcases your character.

3. Not answering the prompt: Be sure to address the specific question or prompt given to you. If you're using the same essay for multiple applications, make sure you customize it for each school.

4. Oversharing or inappropriate content: Keep your essay professional and avoid discussing overly personal or controversial topics. Remember, your audience is the admissions committee.

5. Poor grammar and punctuation: Proofread your essay multiple times and have someone else review it as well. Errors in grammar and punctuation can be distracting and leave a negative impression.

6. Lack of structure or organization: Organize your essay in a clear and concise manner, with a strong introduction, body, and conclusion. This will help your reader follow your thoughts and ideas more easily.

Good luck with your essay!

9 months ago

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