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Is writing a poem as my college essay a good idea?

I'm really passionate about poetry and I feel like a poem could convey my story and message in a unique and powerful way. Have any of you written a poem for your college essay, or do you think it's too risky and I should stick to prose?

9 months ago

I think it's wonderful that you're passionate about poetry and considering incorporating it into your college essay. However, whether or not to use it will depend on the prompt you're addressing and whether you can effectively convey your story through the poem. Remember, the essay is a chance for the college to get to know you better, so it's essential to clearly communicate your experiences and values.

That being said, there are many successful examples of students using unconventional formats like poems and art to express themselves in their essays. If you feel confident that your poem can do that without sacrificing clarity, give it a shot!

Best of luck with your application process!

9 months ago

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