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Can volunteering at church be considered an extracurricular activity?

Greetings! I volunteer at my local church every week and help with various activities. I'm really dedicated to this and was wondering if this can be counted as an extracurricular activity on college applications. Thanks for any advice or insights!

9 months ago

Absolutely! Volunteering at your local church can definitely be considered an extracurricular activity for college applications. Colleges appreciate seeing students who are actively engaged in their community, and your dedication to your church shows commitment and responsibility. Additionally, it highlights your values and willingness to help others.

When including this activity on your application, be sure to explain the time commitment, your specific role or responsibilities, and any impact that you've made. The way you describe the experience can make a difference in how it's perceived by college admissions officers.

Best of luck with your college applications, and keep up the great work with your volunteering!

9 months ago

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