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What are some common cliches to avoid in college essays?

I want to make sure my college essay is original and stands out from the thousands of other applicants. What are some cliches or overused topics that I should avoid including in my essay? Any advice would be great!

9 months ago

It's great to see you putting thought into your college essay! To make your essay stand out, avoid cliche topics that can cause your story to blend into the mix. Here are a few common cliches to avoid:

1. Sports victories or defeats: Often focusing too much on the outcomes of games as metaphors for life can feel overused.

2. Volunteering trips: It's important to show your involvement in community service but framing an entire essay around a single trip may lack significance.

3. Controversial topics: Avoid going into extreme political or religious topics as they can sometimes be polarizing.

4. Extensive use of quotes: While it's fine to include a quote, relying too heavily on someone else's words can detract from your voice.

Best of luck with your essay!

9 months ago

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