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Is it better to take AP classes or dual enrollment classes?

Hello everyone! I'm a junior trying to decide between taking AP classes and dual enrollment classes next year. I know both look good for college admissions, but which one is better in terms of rigor and preparing for college? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

9 months ago

Hi there! It's great that you're considering both AP classes and dual enrollment classes for your senior year. Both options have their benefits, so it'll largely depend on your academic goals and preferences.

AP classes are standardized and widely recognized, which means that scoring well on the AP exams can earn you college credit. They also tend to be rigorous and can prepare you for the workload and expectations in college. On the other hand, dual enrollment classes allow you to take actual college courses at a local college or university, which can give you a taste of the college experience and potentially earn you college credits as well.

Ultimately, I believe it comes down to your interests and how you think you'd benefit most from each option. You might even want to consider a mix of both if that's possible for you. Good luck with your decision!

9 months ago

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