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Are there any research universities that have a liberal arts feel?

Hi there! I'm currently in the process of searching for the perfect college for me. While I'm really interested in pursuing research opportunities, I also love the idea of a liberal arts education. Are there any research universities out there known for having a more liberal arts feel to them? I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions!

9 months ago

Hey! It's great to see that you're looking for a college that offers the best of both worlds. I'm happy to share some schools that have strong research opportunities while maintaining a liberal arts atmosphere.

A few universities that come to mind are Brown University, Dartmouth College, and Rice University. These schools value a multidisciplinary approach to learning, offering smaller class sizes and encouraging the development of a broad skill set. Students often have the chance to engage in research projects while also having a close-knit, supportive community.

Don't shy away from liberal arts colleges with strong research programs, like Wellesley College, Swarthmore College, and Harvey Mudd College. Though not classified as research universities, these schools provide their students with ample opportunities to conduct research in various fields.

9 months ago

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