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Syracuse Anthropology Major: What are your thoughts?

Hey guys, I'm considering majoring in anthropology at Syracuse. Anyone have any experience or opinions on this program? Any insights into the courses and professors would be super helpful!

a month ago

Hey there! While I may not have personal experiences to share, I can definitely provide you some insights about the anthropology program at Syracuse University.

The anthropology program at Syracuse is housed within the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, which is well-regarded for its social science programs. Students pursuing this major can choose from four concentrations: General Anthropology, Archaeology, Culture and Health, and Medical Anthropology.

In terms of courses, you'll have a variety of options that cover topics like cultural anthropology, urban anthropology, human evolution, and transnational culture. Some interesting classes include "Magic and Religion," "Peoples and Cultures of Latin America," and "Human Osteology." The department aims to provide a well-rounded education by focusing on theoretical and methodological knowledge, as well as real-world applications.

A key strength of the anthropology program at Syracuse is its commitment to undergraduate research. Many students have opportunities to participate in faculty-led research projects or conduct their own independent research, both locally and internationally. Additionally, the department encourages students to engage in hands-on experiences through internships, field schools, and study abroad programs. These experiences will help you develop practical skills and build connections in the field of anthropology.

As for the professors, Syracuse's anthropology department is known for having a dedicated and passionate faculty. Many of the professors have extensive experience in research and fieldwork, which they integrate into their teaching. Students often praise the faculty's approachability and genuine interest in helping them succeed both in and out of the classroom.

All in all, the anthropology program at Syracuse has a lot to offer to students who are passionate about understanding human societies and cultures. The combination of a diverse range of courses, opportunities for hands-on learning, and dedicated faculty create an enriching environment for anthropology majors. Make sure to reach out to current or former students for their personal experiences and take advantage of department events to get a better understanding of the program and community. Good luck with your decision!

a month ago

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