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Music at UNLV?

Hey everyone! I'm interested in studying music at UNLV, but I can't find much information about their music program. Can anyone here give me some insight on the program, and what kind of opportunities it offers? Are there any performance groups or clubs to join? Thanks!

a month ago

Hey there! UNLV's School of Music offers a range of music-related degrees, such as a Bachelor of Music (BM) and a Bachelor of Arts in Music (BA). These degrees allow you to focus on various areas, including performance, music education, composition, conducting, and more. The curriculum is comprehensive, and encompasses both practical and theoretical components, so you're sure to have a well-rounded music education.

UNLV has several ensembles that you can join as a music student, depending on your interests and talents. Some of the performing groups include the UNLV Symphony Orchestra, Wind Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble, Symphonic Winds, Chamber Music Society, Choral Ensembles, and Opera Theater. In addition to these, there are also various student-led organizations and clubs related to music, which provide further opportunities for collaboration and networking with other musically-minded students.

The School of Music also organizes events and concerts throughout the academic year, which feature student and faculty performances, as well as guest artists. These events can be a great chance for you to gain exposure and learn from professionals in the industry.

In terms of facilities, UNLV provides students with access to practice rooms with pianos, rehearsal spaces, teaching studios, a dedicated music library, and a computer lab. Furthermore, the school's location in Las Vegas can be advantageous for students interested in pursuing careers in music performance, as the city offers a vibrant entertainment scene with many potential performance opportunities.

Overall, studying music at UNLV can be a rewarding experience, with a variety of programs, ensembles, and opportunities to accommodate different musical interests and career aspirations.

Finally, if you're looking for ways to pursue your passion for music while still in high school, check out this blog post from CollegeVine, which lists a range of music-related summer programs for high schoolers: https://blog.collegevine.com/high-school-summer-music-programs/. Participating in one could even give you a boost during the college process, as admissions officers love to see that you're taking initiative and exploring your interests outside of the classroom!

I hope this information helps! Good luck with your decision-making process.

a month ago

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