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UNM Geology Program

Hey guys, I'm considering applying to the University of New Mexico for their geology program. Can any current or past students share their experiences with the program and the school in general? Thanks!

a month ago

Hey there! I'm not a current or past student of UNM, but I can provide some insight into the geology program and what I've heard from others.

The University of New Mexico's geology program is quite well-regarded due to its strong curriculum and research opportunities. The program's strengths lie in areas such as structural geology, geophysics, hydrogeology, and mineralogy. Many students appreciate the access to cutting-edge facilities like the geospatial and remote sensing laboratory and the isotope analysis lab.

Another advantage of studying geology at UNM is the abundance of fieldwork opportunities. Given the state of New Mexico's diverse landscapes, which include mountains, deserts, and volcanic features, students get the chance to gain hands-on experiences in a wide variety of geological environments. Several field trips and excursions are organized throughout your studies, which can significantly enhance your learning experience.

Additionally, many significant scientific developments have happened in New Mexico, from the development of the atom bomb to the discovery of rare dinosaur fossils, so if you get inspired by the achievements of others, studying in New Mexico could prove incredibly enriching for you.

As for the school in general, many students enjoy the campus atmosphere at UNM. The campus is beautiful and offers excellent resources, including well-equipped libraries, study spaces, and sports facilities. There's a strong sense of community among students and faculty, with clubs, events, and activities that cater to a wide variety of interests. The city of Albuquerque also has a lot to offer in terms of cultural experiences, job opportunities, and outdoor activities.

Ultimately, the UNM geology program might be the right fit for you if you value a strong curriculum and the opportunity for hands-on experiences in diverse geological environments. It would be great to reach out to current or past students through UNM Geology groups on social media or LinkedIn, as their firsthand perspectives can give you a clearer idea of whether this program, and UNM as a whole, would allow you to thrive personally as well as academically. Good luck in your decision-making!

a month ago

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