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UMN Biology Major Requirements?

Hi there! I'm looking into the biology major at the University of Minnesota. What are the core requirements for the major? Do students have flexibility with their course selection and opportunities for research or internships? Thanks for any insight provided!

a month ago

Hi! The biology major at the University of Minnesota leads to a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree, within the College of Biological Sciences (CBS). The requirements of the major include a set of foundation courses, advanced courses to broaden your understanding of the field, and electives that allow you to tailor your degree based on your interests.

Foundation courses cover essential topics in biology like genetics, cellular and molecular biology, evolution, ecology, and physiology. You are required to take a series of introductory biology courses and lab modules during the first two years to build a strong foundation in the subject.

For advanced courses, you will need to complete a minimum of 18 upper-level (3000-5000) credits. These courses allow you to explore various aspects of biology like plant and animal biology, molecular biology, microbiology, and more. You can pick and choose from a wide range of courses to fulfill your interests.

In terms of research opportunities, the University of Minnesota offers various programs like Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) and the Directed Research program for students to get involved in hands-on research experience with faculty members. Additionally, there are summer research opportunities, internships, and external research experiences available.

When it comes to internships, the University of Minnesota provides extensive support through resources such as the CBS career support staff to help students in finding internships, navigating applications, and networking. The College of Biological Sciences has relationships with various organizations and companies in the field, which increase your chances of securing relevant internships.

In summary, the biology major at the University of Minnesota offers a mix of core requirements, advanced courses, and electives that provide a strong foundation and the flexibility to dive deep into your interests. Moreover, several research and internship opportunities are available to ensure you gain valuable hands-on experience before graduation.

If you end up applying to the University of Minnesota and are looking for tips on how to maximize your chances of acceptance, check out this blog post from CollegeVine, which breaks down how to tackle their school-specific supplemental essays: https://blog.collegevine.com/how-to-write-the-university-of-minnesota-twin-cities-essays/. Especially when applying to a popular, well-regarded program like biology, you want to convey your strengths in as many ways as possible, and the essays are often just the thing that distinguishes one talented applicant from another.

Alternatively, you could participate in a biology internship for high school students. CollegeVine's blog contains a list of relevant ones: https://blog.collegevine.com/biology-internships-for-high-school-students/. After all, admissions officers love to see that you're taking initiative and pursuing your interests outside the classroom!

Good luck with your college search, and future biological pursuits!

a month ago

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