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Is it possible to take the IB exam without enrolling in the IB course?

Hey everyone! My school doesn't offer the IB program, but I was wondering if it's possible to register for an IB exam by self-studying the material? Does anyone have any experience with this? I'd love to get some advice!

9 months ago

Hey there! I can understand your curiosity about taking an IB exam without enrolling in the course. In certain cases, yes, it is possible to self-study for some IB exams and take them even if your school doesn't offer the program. You would need to contact local schools that offer the IB program and ask if they would allow you to test with their students.

However, keep in mind that it may be challenging to prepare for these exams without the guidance of experienced teachers and structured class environments. Make sure you have access to relevant study materials and allocate enough time for preparation.

It could help you decide if pursuing the IB exams without enrolling would be worth the effort. Best of luck!

9 months ago

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