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Can I get into UCLA even if I have a few bad grades on my transcript?

UCLA is one of my top choices, but my grades in freshman and sophomore year were less-than-impressive. My GPA has improved significantly since then. How much weight will UCLA place on my past performance, and do I still stand a chance at being accepted? Tips and advice would be greatly appreciated.

9 months ago

It's great that UCLA is one of your top choices! While it's true that the admissions process is highly competitive, keep in mind that colleges, including UCLA, look at the whole picture when evaluating applicants. In your case, showing an upward trend in your GPA is a positive sign, and you should emphasize the growth you've made in your self-improvement.

Keep in mind that UCLA also doesn't look at your freshman year grades when calculating your "UC GPA".

Your personal statements and recommendation letters can further help shed light on your journey and the effort you've put into turning things around academically. Sharing your story and the challenges you've faced, as well as any extracurriculars or leadership roles you've taken on, are all important aspects that will provide context to your application.

Ultimately, it's still possible to gain acceptance to UCLA even if you have a few bad grades on your transcript. Just focus on presenting a strong, well-rounded application that highlights who you are holistically. Best of luck to you!

9 months ago

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