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Do colleges value volunteer work during the application process?

Hi there! I've done a substantial amount of volunteer work, and I was wondering if colleges place a high value on this during the admissions process? Any input would be appreciated.

9 months ago

Hi! It's great to hear that you've done a lot of volunteer work. Yes, colleges do value volunteer work during the application process. However, keep in mind that volunteering in itself is not that impressive, as any student can volunteer. Admissions officers will be most interested in the depth and impact of your involvement.

Someone who organized a donation drive that collected 1,000 winter coats will have a more impressive activity than someone who put in hours at the animal shelter. This is because the first student showcased more leadership, initiative, and results.

Also, colleges would like to see how your work ties in with your overall story, what you've learned from it, and how it has shaped you as an individual. For example, if you've volunteered consistently at a local food bank and eventually took on a leadership role, that would show dedication, compassion, and growth.

In short, do showcase your volunteer work in your application, but also try to demonstrate the long-term impact it has had on you and your community. To learn more about how colleges evaluate extracurriculars, see this post: https://blog.collegevine.com/breaking-down-the-4-tiers-of-extracurricular-activities/

Good luck!

9 months ago

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