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Do I need to write separate essays for early action and regular decision applications?

Hey everyone! I'm thinking about applying to some colleges through early action, and others through regular decision. Do I need to write separate essays for each application type or can I use the same essay for both? Thanks for any advice!

9 months ago

Hi there! It's great that you're planning your college applications and considering both early action and regular decision options. To answer your question, in general, you can use the same personal statement essay for both early action and regular decision applications, as long as the essay meets the requirements for each college's application.

However, it's important to keep in mind that you may need to tailor any college-specific supplemental essays for each individual school. These supplemental essays are often unique to the college and help demonstrate your interest in the school. So, while you can use the same personal statement, make sure to invest time and thought into your supplemental essays as well.

For some helpful advice on how to approach these essays, you can check out the following CollegeVine blog post: How to Write the Common Application Essays 2023-2024.

Best of luck with your applications!

9 months ago

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