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Can I include yoga as an extracurricular activity in my college applications?

Hi, I've been practicing yoga for a few years now and recently started teaching classes at my local studio. Can I list yoga as an extracurricular activity when applying to colleges? Thanks for the help!

9 months ago

Absolutely! Yoga can definitely be included as an extracurricular activity on your college applications. Colleges like seeing well-rounded applicants with a diverse set of interests, and your dedication to yoga shows both a commitment to physical health and personal growth.

Since you've also started teaching classes at your local studio, it's important to mention that when you list this activity. This not only demonstrates your mastery of the practice, but also showcases your leadership skills and abilities to take on responsibilities.

To help you better showcase your extracurricular activities on your college applications, take a look at this CollegeVine blog post that offers guidance on how to list activities: Your Resume Revamped: Securing Leadership Positions and Perfecting your Extracurricular Profile

Best of luck with your college applications, and keep practicing yoga! Namaste.

9 months ago

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