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Can I still become a doctor with bad grades in high school?

Hello, I've always wanted to become a doctor but my high school grades are pretty low (mostly B's and some C's). However, I'm really passionate about pursuing medicine and I'm willing to work hard in college. Is it still possible for me to get into a good pre-med program and eventually go to med school? If anyone has advice or experiences to share, I'd greatly appreciate it!

9 months ago

Absolutely, it's possible to become a doctor even if your high school grades aren't perfect. In fact, medical schools don't even look at your high school record (there may be some exceptions, so be sure to check at the schools you're interested in).

The key is to show growth and dedication during your college years. If you have bad grades in college, it will be very, very difficult to get into med school. Medical school admissions committees typically look for consistent improvement and a strong undergraduate academic performance.

When you get into college, focus on performing well in your pre-med courses like biology, chemistry, and physics. Additionally, aim to develop strong relationships with your professors, as letters of recommendation from them will be crucial for your med school applications. It's also important to gain relevant experiences, such as volunteering at a hospital, shadowing physicians, or conducting research, that demonstrate your commitment to the field. Keep working hard, and remember that many successful doctors had to overcome obstacles early in their academic careers.

9 months ago

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