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Is yoga an acceptable extracurricular activity?

Hey all! I've been practicing yoga consistently for a few years now and have even attended some workshops and training sessions. Can I include yoga as an extracurricular activity on my college applications? Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

9 months ago

Hello! Absolutely, yoga can be an excellent extracurricular activity to include in your college applications. Colleges appreciate seeing activities that show your commitment, passion, and personal growth. Yoga practice can demonstrate your dedication to mindfulness, physical fitness, and well-being.

It's great that you've attended workshops and training sessions, as this adds depth and shows that you're engaged in the activity on a deeper level. To further strengthen this as an extracurricular, consider mentioning any leadership roles you've taken on, such as leading a class or starting a yoga club at your school.

Don't forget to highlight any other related achievements, such as certifications or volunteering (e.g., teaching yoga to the elderly or underprivileged communities), as they can showcase your involvement beyond just personal practice. Overall, including yoga as an extracurricular activity can demonstrate unique and valuable qualities in your college applications. Best of luck!

9 months ago

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