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Do I need a strong conclusion for my college essay?

Hey everyone! I'm struggling with the conclusion of my college essay. Is it crucial to have a strong conclusion, or will I be fine if the rest of my essay is strong? Also, do you have any tips for crafting a powerful and memorable conclusion? Thanks!

9 months ago

Hello! A strong conclusion can definitely give your college essay that final touch to make it memorable. While it's not absolutely necessary if the rest of your essay is strong, it's always a good idea to end on a high note.

To craft a powerful conclusion, try to summarize your key points and tie them back to the main theme of your essay. You could also connect your story to a broader context or mention your future aspirations. This will show how your experiences have shaped you and demonstrate that you're excited for what's to come in your college journey. Be careful not to repeat yourself, though. Instead, find a way to say something fresh and lasting.

For more guidance on how to write an effective conclusion for your college essay, you might find this CollegeVine blog post helpful: https://blog.collegevine.com/how-to-end-your-college-essay/

Good luck with your essay! Remember that while it's important to have a strong conclusion, it's also about sharing your unique story. Keep it genuine, and you'll leave a lasting impression.

9 months ago

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