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Can I apply ED to two schools if I don't know my first choice?

Hello! I'm stuck between two schools for early decision, Brown and Dartmouth, and I really can't decide which one to prioritize. I know ED is binding, but is it possible to apply to both schools using ED and then make my decision? If not, how can I make a more informed decision between the two? I'm planning to study economics, if that helps. Thanks for your guidance!

9 months ago

Hello there! It's great that you're considering applying early decision, but unfortunately, you can't apply ED to two schools simultaneously. Applying ED means you're committing to attend that institution if you're accepted, and applying to multiple schools with this agreement violates that commitment.

To help you decide between Brown and Dartmouth, I recommend digging deeper into their economics programs and the overall campus life. Look into the faculty, courses, and research opportunities available in the economics field at each school. You could also potentially reach out to current students or alumni of both institutions to get their input and perspective on the programs.

Another way to form a better understanding of each college is by visiting the campuses, either physically or through virtual tours, to get a feel for the atmosphere and culture of each institution. This could be a crucial factor in deciding which school aligns better with your personal preferences and goals.

I hope this guidance helps you in making an informed decision and best of luck in applying for early decision!

9 months ago

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