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Do colleges prefer general essays or essays about specific interests?

Hi all, I'm having a hard time deciding on the focus of my college essay. Should I write about my general interests and experiences, or go more in-depth on a specific topic or passion that I have? Are there any preferences that colleges may have in this regard? I'd really appreciate your advice and experiences. Thanks!

9 months ago

Hey! It's great that you're thinking about the focus of your college essay. Based on my experience, colleges appreciate essays that showcase the applicant's genuine personality, passions, and experiences. While general essays can work, providing more in-depth information on a specific topic or interest can help you stand out from the competition.

Remember that admission officers read thousands of essays, so a unique and well-thought-out essay can make a difference. Choose a topic that you're genuinely passionate about and demonstrates your personal growth or values. Be sure to paint a picture through your essay with personal anecdotes and narratives.

If you're still unsure, check out this CollegeVine blog post for more guidance on choosing a college essay topic: How to Choose a College Essay Topic: Here’s What to Consider. Good luck!

9 months ago

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