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Do letters of recommendation from teachers need to be from junior year?

Hi there! I have a really great relationship with one of my sophomore year teachers, but I keep hearing that colleges prefer letters of recommendation from junior year teachers. Is this true? Thanks for any information!

9 months ago

Hi! Great question. While many colleges do prefer letters of recommendation from junior year teachers, that's not a strict rule for all institutions. Ultimately, the purpose of these letters is to provide insight into your academic abilities, growth, dedication, and other positive qualities that contribute to your potential as a college student.

If your sophomore year teacher can provide a strong, detailed, and enthusiastic recommendation that highlights your strengths, then their letter could be a valuable addition to your application. Of course, it's crucial to check each college's specific requirements for letters of recommendation, as some schools may have certain guidelines or expectations.

I suggest including at least one letter from a junior year teacher in order to strike a balance. This way, you'll have a more recent evaluation of your performance and growth, while still benefiting from the strong rapport you've built with your sophomore year teacher. For more guidance on choosing appropriate recommenders, I recommend reading this CollegeVine blog post: How to Choose the Right Teachers to Write Your Recommendation Letters.

Best of luck with your applications!

9 months ago

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