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Is traveling considered an extracurricular activity for college applications?

Hey everyone, I've been fortunate enough to do a lot of traveling with my family. I feel like these experiences have shaped me and contributed to my growth a lot. Can I include travel as an extracurricular in my application, or is it seen as less significant? Thanks!

9 months ago

Hi! It's great that you've had the opportunity to travel and learn from those experiences. You can definitely include traveling as an extracurricular, but it's essential to showcase how it has contributed to your personal growth or development. For example, if you've volunteered during your travels, learned new languages or cultures, or gained valuable skills, be sure to mention those points.

While travel by itself might not seem as impactful as other traditional activities, you can strengthen its significance by connecting it to your interests or passions too. Remember that college applications are all about presenting a cohesive narrative, so make sure to demonstrate how traveling has shaped you and contributed to your goals. Good luck!

9 months ago

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