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Is there such a thing as too many AP classes?

Hi guys! I'm a junior and I'm currently taking 4 AP classes. I've been able to keep up so far, but I have been feeling increasingly stressed. Does it look bad if I drop one of the AP classes? My main concern is if colleges will frown upon it, thinking that I couldn't handle the workload.

9 months ago

I can understand your concern and desire to maintain a strong record for college admissions, but it's essential to balance academic achievements with mental health. Taking 4 AP classes is a considerable workload, and dropping one to alleviate stress is reasonable. Remember, being well-rounded includes managing time and your overall well-being.

Colleges primarily look for continuous improvement and challenging oneself in high school. Reducing your AP load by one class likely won't significantly impact your chances – especially if you're still taking a rigorous schedule. Keep in mind, colleges consider your entire application, including extracurriculars, essays, and recommendations. Most importantly, they value a healthy balance.

When my child applied to college, they took a mix of AP and Honors courses, maintaining a reasonable workload while still excelling academically. They got accepted into their top choice! The key is striking a balance that works best for you and your situation.

9 months ago

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