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Is a 1490 SAT score good enough to apply to Ivy League schools?

I recently received a 1490 on my SAT exam and I'm wondering if this score is good enough for a competitive application to Ivy League schools like Harvard and Princeton. Should I consider retaking the test or focus on other parts of my application? Any advice would be appreciated!

9 months ago

A 1490 SAT score is definitely a strong score and falls within the middle 50% SAT range for many Ivy League schools. However, Ivy League schools are highly competitive, and just meeting their average SAT requirements doesn't guarantee admission. Holistic factors like your personal statement, extracurricular activities, grades, teacher recommendations, and other accomplishments also play a significant role in your admission decision.

If you feel confident in the other aspects of your application and think you can dedicate more time to improving your SAT score, it might be worth retaking the test. But, if you've already taken the test multiple times or you believe your time would be better spent enhancing other areas of your application, then focus on those instead. Remember that there are many factors in play aside from your SAT score when it comes to Ivy League admissions, so it’s crucial to strike a balance among all application elements.

9 months ago

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