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Would having a job be considered an extracurricular activity?

Hi, I am a junior and I've been working a part-time job for the past 2 years. I was wondering if having a job counts as an extracurricular activity or if it's considered something separate when I apply for colleges? Any help is appreciated, thanks!

9 months ago

Hello! It's great to hear that you've been working a part-time job throughout high school. To answer your question, yes, having a job is considered an extracurricular activity when applying to colleges. In fact, it can be a valuable addition to your college applications since it demonstrates your ability to manage your time, take on responsibility, and contribute to your family or personal expenses.

When you're completing your college applications, make sure to include your job under the extracurriculars or activities section. Specify the number of hours you worked per week, your job title, and any duties or accomplishments you think would be relevant for the admissions officers to know.

For example, if you were responsible for training new employees, mention that to showcase your leadership skills. If you were recognized for excellent customer service, explain the award and how you achieved it. Remember, colleges appreciate a diverse range of experiences, and your job definitely counts as one of those.

Good luck with your college applications, and keep up the hard work!

9 months ago

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