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Can I still qualify for financial aid if I have a felony on my record?

I'm a high school junior with a felony on my record, and I'm really worried about my ability to receive financial aid for college. Is it still possible for me to obtain financial aid despite my felony conviction?

9 months ago

First of all, I commend you on your determination to pursue higher education despite your past. While I'm not an expert in this area, I can provide some information based on my experiences and research. The truth is, having a felony conviction might make the process of securing financial aid more challenging, but it doesn't make it impossible.

Different types of aid may have varying eligibility requirements. For federal financial aid like Pell Grants and federal loans, you may indeed face certain restrictions depending on the nature of your conviction. However, not all convictions will prevent eligibility. For instance, drug-related convictions can affect loan eligibility, but convictions for other crimes may not. In addition, private scholarships and institutional aid may have their own individual policies.

I encourage you to be proactive in seeking out financial aid options and discussing your situation with a school counselor or college financial aid office for more accurate and personalized advice. Best of luck on your journey to higher education!

9 months ago

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