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Can you still receive financial aid if you have a felony on your record?

Unfortunately, I have a felony on my record, and I'm worried it might affect my chances of getting financial aid for college. Does anyone know if having a felony will disqualify me from receiving financial aid? Thanks for any help.

9 months ago

Hello! I understand that you're concerned about your ability to receive financial aid due to having a felony on your record. The impact of a felony on financial aid eligibility depends on several factors, including the type of felony and the specific financial aid programs in question.

Generally speaking, individuals with drug-related offenses may face limitations when it comes to federal student aid. However, there is no blanket prohibition for all individuals with felonies. For state and institutional aid, policies will vary depending on the school and state you are considering.

I recommend researching the financial aid policies of the colleges you're interested in, as well as applying for alternative funding sources, such as private scholarships and grants. Keep in mind that financial aid determinations may be made on a case-by-case basis.

9 months ago

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