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How do I handle the stress of the college application process?

Hey guys! I'm a junior who's starting to feel really stressed about the college application process. Between school, extracurriculars, and worrying about getting into a good college, I'm struggling to find balance. Do you have any tips for managing stress and staying sane during this time? Any advice would be much appreciated!

9 months ago

Hey there! It's completely normal to feel stressed during the college application process, but I'm here to help.

First, remember that it's important to take breaks and set aside time for yourself. Make sure you're getting enough sleep and eating well, as these habits can greatly impact your stress levels.

Also, try to break tasks down into manageable pieces. This will help prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.

Additionally, talk to your friends, family, or a trusted adult about your stress - it's important to have a support system.

Lastly, consider seeking out resources like books or online forums to learn more about successfully navigating the college application process.

Remember, you're not alone in this journey, and there are plenty of people who have gone through it before! Stay positive and take it one step at a time, and you'll get through it just fine. Good luck!

9 months ago

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