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How can joining a sports team help my college application?

Hi guys! I'm a junior in high school and I'm thinking about joining a sports team to diversify my extracurriculars. I know that playing sports might help my college application, but I'm not exactly sure how. Should I focus on the sport itself or try to land a leadership position within the team? Any advice on making the most of sports involvement would be awesome! Thanks!

9 months ago

Being involved in sports can convey many positive qualities about you to college admissions officers. It demonstrates that you are well-rounded and can balance academics with extracurricular activities. Additionally, participating in a team sport showcases your ability to work well with others and your commitment to a shared goal.

While excelling in the sport itself is impressive, taking on a leadership role within the team can bolster your application further. It helps to illustrate your leadership qualities and ability to manage responsibilities beyond just participating in the sport. Consider roles like team captain, treasurer, or other positions where you can make an impact on the team.

Ultimately, it's not just about joining a sports team but also demonstrating personal growth, commitment, and leadership through your involvement. It's important to do what genuinely interests you and not solely for the sake of college applications. Colleges appreciate authentic and passionate applicants!

9 months ago

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