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Are IB courses typically harder than AP ones?

Hello! I have a choice of taking either AP or IB classes in my high school and I'm curious to know - are IB courses generally considered more challenging than AP courses? Any input from students who've taken both would be greatly appreciated!

9 months ago

Hey there! Both AP and IB courses have their own unique challenges and can vary in difficulty based on the subject and your own personal strengths. In general, it's common to believe that IB courses might be somewhat more challenging due to their focus on critical thinking, analysis, and connections between different subjects.

It's important to remember that IB programs are also part of a comprehensive diploma program, which means that you will be required to take a range of subjects, complete an extended essay, participate in extracurricular activities, and fulfill community service hours. AP courses, on the other hand, are individual courses that you may choose based on your preferences, strengths, and college goals.

My child took a mix of AP and IB courses in high school, and it became apparent that they enjoyed some subjects more than others. Ultimately, your experience with the difficulty of AP or IB courses may differ depending on your interests and skillset. To get a better grasp of the differences between AP and IB, I recommend this CollegeVine blog post: AP vs. IB: Which Should You Take and Why?. Good luck!

9 months ago

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