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Is it possible to get into UCLA with a low GPA?

Hi there! I'm really hoping to attend UCLA, but my GPA is a bit low due to struggling freshman and sophomore year. I've improved a lot over time and have great extracurricular involvement. Can anyone share some success stories of getting into UCLA with not-so-great grades?

9 months ago

Hello! It's great to hear that you have a strong desire to attend UCLA. Although a low GPA might be a concern, the fact that you've shown an upward trend in your academic performance and have strong extracurricular involvement definitely counts in your favor.

Admissions officers often look at the bigger picture when evaluating an applicant. They understand that sometimes students struggle during their early high school years and are keen to see growth and improvement. Your involvement in extracurricular activities also shows commitment to personal development.

I recall a story of a student who faced similar circumstances. They had a low GPA in their early years of high school but significantly improved as time went on and had an impressive list of extracurriculars. They were passionate about specific subjects and their intended major, which came across in their application essays. Though it wasn't easy, they ultimately were accepted into UCLA.

Focus on showcasing your improvement, resilience, and dedication in your essays, as well as getting strong letters of recommendation. Although a high GPA is a definite plus, remember that there's much more to an applicant's story. Best of luck in your application journey!

9 months ago

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