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Should I ask a teacher or a coach for a letter of recommendation?

I'm considering asking either a teacher or a coach for a letter of recommendation, but I'm unsure which would be more beneficial. They both know me well, but is it better to get a recommendation from an academic perspective or an extracurricular one? Any advice?

9 months ago

It's great that you're thinking carefully about who to ask for a letter of recommendation. Both academic and extracurricular perspectives can provide valuable insights about you as an applicant, so weighing your options is a smart move.

One aspect to consider is the specific college or program you're applying to. If your applications focus heavily on a particular academic area or major, an academic recommendation from a teacher in that field might be more advantageous. However, if you're applying to a school with an emphasis on leadership, teamwork, or other traits related to sports, your coach's perspective could be equally valuable.

A good rule of thumb is to have at least one academic recommendation, so if you don't have that covered yet, I would prioritize a teacher's letter. Keep in mind that you can often submit more than one recommendation, so if both your teacher and coach can provide strong letters, you might consider submitting both. Always ensure that you follow each college's guidelines for the number of recommendations they require or accept.

9 months ago

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