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Does art count as an extracurricular activity?

Hello everyone, I enjoy creating art in my free time and have even sold some of my pieces to friends and family. I was wondering whether or not I could include art as an extracurricular activity on my college application? Your advice would be appreciated!

9 months ago

Hi there, it's great to hear that you have a passion for creating art and that you've even sold some of your work! To answer your question, yes, creating art definitely counts as an extracurricular activity. Colleges love to see personal passions and talent, and your artwork will showcase your unique skills and creativity.

To strengthen your application and formalize art as an activity, you might want to consider taking your love for art a step further by participating in local art shows or working on collaborative projects. These experiences will not only enhance your college application but also provide you with valuable connections and experiences in the art community.

Keep in mind that colleges are looking for applicants who can contribute something special to their campus. By including your artwork as an extracurricular activity, you are showing them a part of you that they might not see otherwise. Good luck with your college applications, and keep creating amazing art!

9 months ago

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