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Should I mention a family member in my college essay?

Hi all! I'm working on my college essay and one of my family members has played a huge role in my life. I want to mention them but I'm worried it might come across as cliche or unoriginal. Is it okay to include a family member in my essay, and if so, how do I make it engaging and unique?

9 months ago

Hi there! It's absolutely okay to mention a family member in your essay, especially if they've made a significant impact on your life. As for making it unique, it's important to focus on how this relationship has shaped you and the person you've become. Remember that the essay should still be about you and your personal growth.

To make it engaging, you may want to start with a captivating anecdote or memory involving the family member. This can help draw the reader in and set the tone for the rest of your essay. Then, dive into what you learned from your relationship with this person and how it has influenced you as an individual. This could include your personality traits, values, or even goals in life.

For example, my daughter wrote about her close relationship with her grandfather and how his work ethic and success as an immigrant inspired her to pursue her own passions, despite obstacles she faced. By tying her personal growth to the story of her grandfather, her essay was both meaningful and unique.

In summary, go ahead and mention the significant family member, but make sure the essay is ultimately about your personal growth and the things you've learned from that relationship. Best of luck with your essay!

9 months ago

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