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If I have bad grades in high school, can I still become a doctor?

I am passionate about pursuing a career in medicine, but my high school grades haven't been the best. Can I still become a doctor if I work hard in college and improve my GPA?

9 months ago

Yes, you can still become a doctor even if your high school grades haven't been the best. The key is to show improvement and dedication throughout your college years. Start by choosing a major that you're passionate about and relates to the medical field, such as biology, chemistry, or neuroscience.

Building a strong foundation in the sciences during your undergraduate studies will be crucial for medical school admissions. Focus on maintaining a high GPA and building relationships with your professors, as they can be helpful when it comes to obtaining excellent recommendation letters.

In addition to academics, getting involved in extracurricular activities related to medicine, such as volunteering at hospitals or participating in research projects, will help demonstrate your commitment to the field of medicine. It might also be beneficial to gain experience in a healthcare setting, either through internships or shadowing physicians.

Lastly, study diligently for the MCAT, as your score will be an important factor in medical school admissions. With hard work, determination, and a passion for helping others, you can become a doctor despite your high school grades.

9 months ago

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