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Can I submit an arts supplement even if I'm not applying for an art major?

I'm passionate about photography and have a solid portfolio, but I plan to apply for a non-art major. Is it still possible to submit an arts supplement to showcase my skills, or is that reserved for art majors only?

9 months ago

Absolutely! You can definitely submit an arts supplement even if you're not planning to apply for an art major. Many colleges and universities encourage students to showcase their talents and passions, regardless of their intended major. It can help to provide a more rounded view of the student and their interests.

In general, admissions committees love to see students excel in their extracurricular activities, including the arts. Including a photography portfolio in your application can demonstrate your commitment to the art and display the hard work you've put into developing your skills.

Just make sure to review the guidelines and requirements of each college you're applying to, as they may have specific instructions for submitting supplementary materials. Best of luck with your applications!

9 months ago

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