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How bad do your grades need to be to get rescinded?

Hi guys, I'm feeling a bit stressed and paranoid about my senior year grades. I've already been accepted to my dream school, but I'm worried that if my grades slip a little, I might get my admission rescinded. Could anyone tell me how much my grades would need to drop for this to happen?

9 months ago

Hey there! First off, congratulations on getting accepted to your dream school! That's really exciting. I understand that the fear of having your admission rescinded can be stressful, but try not to worry too much.

Colleges understand that senior year can be tough and that grades may fluctuate. That being said, they still expect you to maintain a certain level of academic performance. A slight drop in your grades probably won't be a huge cause for concern, but significant changes might raise some eyebrows.

For example, my child went through a similar situation, and their school specifically mentioned that they could risk losing their spot if their GPA dropped by more than a full point or if they started to fail any classes. To avoid any issues, I suggest you continue working hard and strive to maintain your current performance. If you do encounter any challenges, communicate with the college to make sure they understand your situation. Good luck!

9 months ago

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