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Are contractions considered informal for college essays?

Hi everyone, I'm a bit stressed about my college essay. I've used contractions in it, and I'm not sure if that makes my writing appear too informal. Do admissions officers frown upon the use of contractions in essays, or is it totally fine to include them?

9 months ago

Hello! It's natural to feel stressed about your college essay, but rest assured that contractions aren't a major issue when it comes to evaluating your work. While some people may view contractions as informal, they are actually quite common in everyday writing and can make your essay sound more conversational and genuine.

Admissions officers are more concerned with the content, clarity, and voice of your essay, rather than the minute aspects like the use of contractions. That said, if you feel that avoiding contractions can enhance the formality and overall tone of your essay, feel free to make those adjustments. However, using contractions won't cause your essay to be at a disadvantage.

Ultimately, focus on presenting your unique experiences and perspective in a well-written manner that captures the attention of the reader. Keep refining and editing your essay until you feel confident with your final product. Good luck with your college applications!

9 months ago

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