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Is a 1520 SAT score good enough for Ivy League admissions?

Hi everyone! I got a 1520 on my SAT, and I'm wondering if that score is good enough for a competitive Ivy League application. I'm really proud of my score, but I'm unsure if it's enough to get me noticed. Do you think a 1520 is a strong score for Ivy League admissions? Any advice is appreciated!

9 months ago

Hi there! First off, congratulations on your fantastic SAT score! A 1520 is indeed a great score and something you should be proud of. As for Ivy League admissions, they typically look for students with strong test scores, but it's important to remember that the admissions process is holistic. This means they consider all aspects of your application, not just your SAT score.

While a 1520 is an impressive score and can make you a competitive applicant, it's also essential to have a robust application, including extracurricular activities, strong essays, and outstanding letters of recommendation. For example, my own child got accepted into an Ivy with an SAT score similar to yours, but he also had a diverse array of extracurriculars and leadership roles.

In summary, your 1520 SAT score is undoubtedly strong and will help your application, but don't forget to focus on those other essential components that make up a well-rounded applicant. Best of luck!

9 months ago

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